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CECR newsletters share the latest news, research, and discoveries regarding compensation reform.


February/March 2012
Summarizes recent webinars and highlights the Community Training and Assistance Center: Henrico Public Schools.

December 2011/January 2012
This month's feature article highlights the South Carolina Department of Education TAP System.

November 2011
Summarizes resources available through the newly designed CECR website. Highlights the Round Rock Independent School District: Round Rock Incentives for Superior Education.

October 2011
Introduces a new paper from the CECR Harvesting Project on value-added measures. Highlights the Safford Unified School District Effective Teachers and Principals Program.

September 2011
Summarizes the annual Teacher Incentive Fund grantee meeting. Highlights the Mastery Charter Schools Network.

August 2011
Introduces a new paper from the CECR Harvesting Project on programmatic sustainability. Highlights the Louisiana Department of Education TAP System.

July 2011
Introduces a new CECR Emerging Issues paper on performance-based compensation structures. Highlights the Kansas City, Missouri School District: PIONEER Program Project.

June 2011
Introduces the new CECR Case Summary about the Arizona Career Ladder Program. Highlights the Colorado Springs School District 11 performance-based compensation system.

May 2011
Introduces new essays on educator compensation reform. Highlights Houston Independent School District's Project ASPIRE.

April 2011
Introduces new research released on performance-based compensation in New York City public schools. Announces CECR website updates that allow users to access more information about the Cohort 3 Teacher Incentive Fund grants. Highlights the Center for Educational Innovation-Public Education Association Partnership for Innovation in Compensation for Charter Schools.

March 2011
Announces updates to the CECR Research Syntheses. Highlights the Guilford County Schools Mission Possible Expansion Project.

February 2011
Introduces two new reports related to the CECR Harvesting Project. Summarizes the TIF Cohort 3 Grantee meeting held February 3–4. Highlights the Fort Worth Independent School District PEAK Rewards Program.

January 2011
Introduces a new CECR case study on the New York City School-Wide Performance Bonus Program and a new online census of assessments used by all states and districts across the country. Highlights the Hillsborough County Public Schools Performance Outcomes with Effective Rewards (POWER) II program.

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