Development and Implementation

Resources in this section provide general information on performance-based compensation.

Data Quality and Data Systems

Resources in this section provide support for those planning and implementing high-quality data systems, and for those interested in how to use data to support performance-based compensation.

Strategies to Support Workforce

Information is available on educator evaluation systems, professional development, and human capital development strategies to increase student learning.

Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

CECR provides resources for those working to communicate effectively and develop support for performance-based compensation programs among teachers, administrators, unions, parents, the community, and the media.

Value-Added and Other Measures

Measuring student growth is an important component of performance-based compensation. Resources focus on the definition, design and review of value-added models as well other student growth measures.

Program Evaluation

Information is provided on using formative and summative assessment to evaluate and improve performance-based compensation programs.


Resources are provided sustain performance-based compensation systems long-term by aligning them with state and district initiatives and fiscal goals.

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