New to Performance-Based Compensation


Resources in this section provide support for those planning and implementing high-quality data systems, and for those interested in how to use data to support performance-based compensation.


Identifying and Sharing Best Practices from High-Performing Charter Schools (March 21, 2012) expand

Moderator: Peggie Garcia, AIR
Ellen Cushing, AIR and CECR
C. Allison Jack, New Leaders, EPIC National Charter School Consortium
David Negron, EPIC National Charter School Consortium

This webinar co-sponsored by CECR and the National Charter School Resource Center highlights best practices and innovations from high-performing charter schools. New Leaders Effective Practice Incentive Community (EPIC) present on how they identify high-performing charters schools and provide incentives to schools willing to share those effective practices with other schools in EPIC. The webinar describes resources available through the EPIC Knowledge System, a valuable online resource library of tools, case studies, and videos from successful charter schools as well as the many free resources available on the CECR website.

Resources for Developing Performance-Based Compensation Systems (March 15, 2012) expand

Moderator: Bob Stonehill, AIR
Sarah Shoff, National Institute for Excellence in Teaching
Kristan Van Hook, National Institute for Excellence in Teaching
Ellen Cushing, AIR and CECR

Charter schools often operate independently and as a result, have difficulty finding appropriate resources and supports for the complex process of compensation reform. Informal and formal networks are one option to assist charter schools establish comprehensive systems of educator support. This webinar features a presentation from the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching where the presenters discuss the importance of developing networks among charter schools and highlight the TAP program as one example of a network.

A Guided Walkthrough of the Redesigned CECR Website (January 20, 2012) expand

Ellen Cushing, AIR and CECR

This webinar introduces the newly redesigned CECR website and explains its reorganization into four main topic areas: New to Performance-Based Compensation, Development and Implementation, National Perspective, and TIF Grantees. The webinar also highlights tools and resources that visitors will find helpful as they develop a performance-based compensation program.

Structuring Your Alternative Compensation Program: Challenges and Opportunities (March 18, 2010) expand

Michael S. Christian, Wisconsin Center for Education Research and CECR
Alyssa Ford-Heywood, Office of the Deputy Superintendent and PPIP Project Manager—Pittsburgh Public Schools
Patrick Schuermann, Vanderbilt University and CECR
Cortney Rowland,CECR , Moderator

This webinar focuses on program design for alternative compensation programs. Performance award program structures including systems that are based on schools, teams, and/or individuals awards; high school award programs; and educator compensation programs for principals and school leaders are also discussed.


Introductory Remarks: Teachers and Leaders Matter (August 2010) Michael Yudin

Introductory Remarks: Lessons Learned from TIF (August 2010) Michael Yudin

Integrating TIF: Empowering Effective Teachers (August 2010) Lynn Fell

Integrating TIF: Pittsburgh's Promise-Readiness (August 2010) Linda Lane

Integrating TIF: Pittsburgh's Strategic Plan (August 2010) Linda Lane

Background and Facts About Traditional Teacher Compensation (June 2009) James Guthrie

Developing Alternative Pay Systems (June 2009) Patrick Schuermann

History of Compensation Approaches Steven Kimball Texas DATE Module 1


Introduction to the Center for Educator Compensation Reform
and the Teacher Incentive Fund
(June 2009) expand
James Guthrie

Jeff Watson of the Wisconsin Center for Education Research answers questions about the characteristics of quality data and challenges that TIF grantees face in terms of developing robust information systems. He also discusses issues that arise regarding the classification of teachers.

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Introduction to the Center for Educator Compensation Reform and the Teacher Incentive Fund transcript

Slide Presentations

ProComp: Aligning Denver's Teacher and Principal Programs
(June 2008)
Kathleen Kochis, Denver Public Schools

Teacher Compensation Reform: A Market-Based Perspective
(June 2008)
Michael Podgursky, Ph.D., University of Missouri—Columbia

Identifying and Responding to Challenges in Implementing Performance-Pay
(June 2008)
Carla Stevens, Houston Independent School District

South Carolina TAP: Performance-Based Compensation Through the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF)
(June 2009)
Jason Culbertson, South Carolina Department of Education