New to Performance-Based Compensation

Harvesting Papers

The Harvesting Project papers present findings from the CECR data harvesting project and discuss lessons learned from the first two cohorts of TIF Grantees.

Resolving Some Issues in Using Value-Added Measures of Productivity for School and Teacher Incentives
Although many researchers and policy analysts consider value-added to be the state of the art in school and teacher productivity measurement, only a minority of TIF Round 1 and 2 grantees used value added as a measure of school or teacher performance. Along with the difficulty in linking teachers to students using existing administrative databases, many grantees encountered other issues that took considerable time and effort to resolve. This paper discusses four of these issues and potential solutions, based on research and grantee experience: 1) What is the "right" value-added model; 2) value-added estimates for smaller schools and classrooms; 3) using value-added estimates when there are very few schools or classrooms to compare; and 4) appropriate value-added cutoff points for receiving bonus payments.

Meeting the Challenges of Fiscal and Programmatic Sustainability: Lessons From Teacher Incentive Fund Grantees
This paper describes the ways in which TIF grantees have approached fiscal and programmatic sustainability. Specifically, the paper addresses three questions: (1) What fiscal and programmatic sustainability challenges have TIF grantees faced? (2) What approaches to fiscal and programmatic sustainability have grantees taken? (3) What lessons can grantees learn about sustaining PBCS in our current economic climate?

Evaluating Student-Teacher Linkage Data in Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Sites: Acquisition, Verification, and System Development
Data Quality Harvesting Paper: Findings from an exploratory study of eight TIF grantees in how they acquired, verified, and managed their student-teacher linkage data through system development.

Meeting the Challenges of Stakeholder Engagement and Communication: Lessons From Teacher Incentive Fund Grantees
Discussion of what stakeholder engagement and communication challenges have TIF grantees faced, what types of technical assistance they requested, and communications/ stakeholder engagement lessons learned from the first two cohorts.