New to Performance-Based Compensation

Emerging Issues

Resources in this section address growing challenges and issues to implementing educator compensation reform.

Performance-Based Compensation Structures: Considerations for Individual, Group, and Hybrid Programs
Examines the different ways states and districts can incorporate alternative compensation programs into their education systems, focusing on considerations states and district should take into account when designing such programs and explores the existing research on the strengths and weaknesses of program considerations.

Alternative Compensation Terminology: Considerations for Education Stakeholders, Policymakers, and the Media
Examines the terminology used to describe alternative compensation programs and the problems that arise when using the terms interchangeably. The report then provides solutions for increased clarity in communicating about alternative compensation programs.

Engaging Stakeholders in Teacher Pay Reform
Explores the issue of stakeholder involvement in compensation reform. The report describes key aspects of engaging stakeholders and discusses the importance of involving various groups throughout the process.